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Reach, participate, volunteer or educate the Hispanic population with a range of community Programs. We are dedicated to promote education and community outreach.

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Upcoming Events

The Latino Book & Family Festival

The Latino Book & Family Festival was first celebrated in 1997, and 66 Festivals have been held since then in eight markets around the USA. Festivals have been held in: Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, San Bernardino, and San Diego. 

International Latino Book Awards

The International Latino Book Awards are held annually by Latino Literacy Now, a 501c3 non-profit, in conjunction with Las Comadres para las Americas, and REFORMA: The National Association to Promote Library and Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish-Speaking (an affiliate of the American Library Association).

Latino Reads

Find books written in Spanish, English, Portuguese and Bilingual. Latino reads promotes books in different languages. Learn more about other cultures or practice your favorite second or third language.

Empowering Students Scholarships

Find the perfect scholarship. Empowering Students offers a list of scholarships for students and scholarships to the hispanic community.

Education Begins in the Home

Education Begins in the Home (EBH),a North County San Diego nonprofit dedicated to helping improve the literacy level of children by providing them with FREE books. We’ve now given over 100,00 FREE books in over 350 events!

Latino 247 Media Group

Formerly Latino Print Network, works with 900+ media outlets serving 57% of Latino households in the USA. Services include news services, research, and media buys for the newspapers, magazines, podcasts, and websites that we work with. Reach the Hispanic community with one phone call.

Hispanic Marketing 101

Hispanic Marketing 101 is an eNewsletter with a weekly circulation of 13,400. The three key categories of readers are Hispanic media professionals (3,800, including editors from 625+ Latino newspapers and local magazines from across the USA. Many of these publications use our news service articles in their publications and on their websites.

International Society of Latino Authors (ISLA)

ISLA is a way to better help those authors, publishers, service providers, among others that have participated and continue to participate with Latino Literacy Now. Membership in the society is open to qualifying authors, publishers and service providers.

Latino Books into Movies Awards

Since 2010, we’ve done the Latino Books into Movies Awards that has honored 89 books as appropriate for being made into a TV show or movie in 16 different categories. The are judged by directors, producers, screenwriters, and other entertainment professionals.


Listen to our podcasts including interviews with authors and Microfono latino, a video series of interviews, music, artists and more.


Newsletters about the Hispanic community, research, insights, events, and trends.