Empowering Latino Futures needs your help!

We would like you to become a volunteer

We have been blessed with over 350 volunteers each year to help run and expand the various programs we run. We have approached volunteers for each program or need individually rather than here's a variety of ways to participate. This is our first call overall where you can sign up for a variety of programs. As each event of activity gets closer, if you've signed up to help on that effort, you will get more info on ways to help with that program. As Alicia Georges, AARPs National Volunteer President shares, "When we volunteer, we give and we gain. As we touch the lives of others, we improve our own life. Research shows volunteering offers many health benefits." We sincerely thank all of you for considering ways to possibly work with us.
Kirk Whisler
Board President, Empowering Latino Futures

Opportunities available

GENERAL ELF Volunteers

  • Help update records for the Scholarship Directory. The scholarship directory is a compilation of over 2,000 sources to fund a college education. We are in the minst of transitioning the database to the web where people will be able to access it for free. This can be done on your computer remotely. Ideally a commitment of 20 to 40 hours a month. Perfect for a high school student or someone who cares about ensuring all students have an equal chance at going to college. Can be done remotely.
  • Once the Corona Virus pandemic is over, we’d like to have a couple volunteers coming once or so a month to help organize different things at our Fallbrook office. Should be from Fallbrook or the San Diego/Temecula area. 
  • Book Awards Ceremony Volunteers. A variety of support tasks. September 12th in Los Angeles
  • Latino Publishing University Volunteers. A variety of support tasks. September 11-13 in Los Angeles
    Help with Latino Reads podcast
  • Serve on an Advisory Board. There is a variety of opportunities to choose from. Can be done remotely.

San Diego Festival Volunteers

Set for October 10th at MiraCosta College in Oceanside, California.

Learn more about the Festival at www.LBFF.us

Education Begins in the Home Volunteers

These volunteers need to live in or near North San Diego County in California. More información will be available as we receive more updates about COVID-19. Involves sorting of books, carrying boxes, and attend events to free distribute books.

Go to OpenABook.org >


ILBA Judges Requests are sent out every year.

We will need 220+ judges who love reading. This is our most comprehensive survey. Can be done remotely.